Tuition & Fees

Types of Payment

Bankers Draft


Policy on Fee Payment

A onetime payment or half payment is required before the start of a course. The balance of payment is evenly spread according to the duration of course work on weekly basis. All fees must be completely settled a week before examination commences. Fees once paid to the College is non-refundable.

Course Fees

The fee for the course is GH₵3,100.00. This however, may be subject to change with passing time.

Dismissal Policy

The College reserves the right to discipline, suspend, place on probation, or dismiss any student whose academic standing and progress, financial obligation, or whose conduct is less than satisfactory and violates the ethics required for a Counselor in training contained in this handbook and all training materials.

Refund Policy

If a student withdraws from the College seven days after paying his fees and attended lectures, he or she shall have no refund for fee paid to the College. A student who withdraws from the course three (3) days after paying fees and attends lectures shall have half of the fee refunded by the College. If a student withdraws first day of the start of a class after paying fees and attends lectures, he shall have 100% of fees refunded.