Qualities Of Good Counseling

Counseling is not giving “advice” to people. Advice is about imposing your opinion on people. When it comes to advice giving, you tell people what to do. But the problems of people do not lie in a Counselor. The Counselor facilitates a process that leads to an individual making their own guided decisions. The Counselor does not tell people what to do because the solution to the problems of people lies in them. People who are confused cannot make any meaningful decisions. There is therefore, a need for someone to guide them or help them make the right choices and that is what the Counselor does. The Counselor helps people get unstuck from their places of addiction, wrong beliefs, negative attitudes and thinking. The Counselor does not need to be a “bag of ideas”. He or she on the other hand uses professional skills by asking the right questions in order to elicit the right responses from the Counselee. These right responses are thus encouraged to be maintained as gains. This is a professional area that requires tact and sensitivity with respect to the problems and needs that a Counselee brought for help. Emotional, mental, psychological and social problems as well as certain psycho-pathologies and personality disorders cannot be treated with medication or spiritual means alone. These category of problems are “soulish” in nature and require people who are trained in Behaviour Modification Therapy, Congitive Psychology, Creation Therapy, Client Centered psychotherapies etc to administer healing from hurts, disappointments, frustrations, depressions, anxiety, fear, and anger etc. Marriages and relationship challenges needs an expert to guide people to heal of emotional and historical ¬†wounds rooted in the lies that these people have believed and are living. The world is hurting and needs people who have trained to bring healing. Do you have the calling for this ministry? Then wait not further. This is your one-stop place to train as a professional Counselor. We look forward to meeting you soon.