The College President



Dear Student,

Thank you for choosing the College of Counseling and Psychology (CCP)! You are not alone in your choice. CCP is the Premier solely biased faith-based College of Counseling and Psychology in Ghana. We are set to rock the entire nation and continent of Africa with a powerful vision to turn out Professional Counselors for healing a hurting world. 

CCP is excited to offer education that develops talents and skills for individuals using modern scientific tools and cutting edge innovative training in a traditional lecture form, distance learning, virtual campus model of education and practical attachment under clinical supervision. Our goal is to help you fulfill the plan God has called you for by assisting you on your path toward excellence in mental, emotional and psychological health delivery.

Thank you again for choosing College of Counseling and Psychology. We look forward to working with you. God bless all your endeavors for Him!

In His Service,

Prof. Samuel Oheneba Dornyo (LCPC – NCCA, USA)