Exams Regulations

Examination Regulations

  1. All students who have registered for the course shall be issued a timetable for examination pasted on the College notice board one (1) week before the examinations begin.
  2. A candidate shall not be admitted to the Examination room if he or she has not entered for the subject, paid all fees owed to the College, is under suspension, dismissal or arrives in the Examination room more than 30 minutes late after the examination has commenced.
  3. While it is the responsibility of the College to provide the student with Examination question paper and answer sheets, all Candidates due for the Examination must provide themselves with every logistics for writing examinations.
  4. All students sitting for an Examination must submit their Identity Cards (ID) for inspection when demanded by the invigilator.
  5. No books or any other material(s) are allowed in the Examination room.
  6. There will be no form of communication between students during Examination in the Examination room. Copying from other students or books is an offence and constitutes Examination malpractice.
  7. A student found copying or indulging in Examination malpractice shall be sent out of the Examination room and the result(s) cancelled.
  8. A candidate who wishes to communicate something shall raise his or her hand to attract the attention of the invigilator.
  9. There shall be no noise making to distract other candidates during writing of Examination.


Grade           Marks                  Interpretation    Grade Point

A+                  80-100                     Outstanding           4.00

A                     70-79                        Excellent                  4.00

A-                    65-69                        Very Good               3.75

B+                  60-64                        Good                         3.50

B                     55-59                        Above Average      3.00

B-                    50-54                        Average                    2.50

C+                   45-49                        Pass                           2.00

C                     40-44                        Pass                           1.50

D                     30-39                        Fail                             1.00

F                      0-29                          Fail                             0.00